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The USFP, a political species threatened with extinction or a phoenix that will rise from the ashes?
It seems that the rating of the USFP has taken a few colors. With a PAM in disarray, the party is active to reborn from the ashes.
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Conciliabula behind the scenes on the future of the USFP have emerged in the media in recent days. The goal is to put the Socialist Party in the locomotive position of a dispersed and suffering Left. If there are several unknowns in the equation, the constant remains the willingness to dismiss Driss Lachgar, current secretary general of the party, to hope for a possible renewal.
“In a very complex political context and with this leadership, I do not think that the party is able to play this role,” says a former socialist minister on condition of anonymity. “Whether there is reconciliation or not, we must recognize that Moroccans have lost confidence in this direction of the USFP,” he says. Moreover, he did not rule out a resurrection of the Rose party with the return of the cadres dismissed since the advent of Driss Lachgar at the controls.
A measured optimism accompanied by this question that says a lot about the state of mind of the militants: “the training will have enough time to regain the trust of Moroccans when only two years separate us from the legislative 2021? “
The wager on the WFP failed, place at the USFP
If the “title” USFP is now popular in some circles is because the national political landscape is starting to look like a vast desert. A void threatening even the continuity of a “democratic game”, initiated towards the end of reign Hassan II, and which became so bland that it interests less and less the Moroccans. The abstention rate recorded in the last parliamentary elections of 7 October 2016 (43%) is a strong signal of rejection by citizens.
The polarization of the political spectrum as desired by the late king is no longer relevant. The boundaries between parties have become so porous that political leaders can change colors without causing voters to shudder. A redefinition of a left-wing bloc could lead to more singularity of party positions and their political programs.
Caution in the ranks of the left
However, the agitation surrounding the USFP does not allow for the moment a broadening of alliances between the different components of the Moroccan left. Mohammed Fares, national coordinator of the Moroccan Green Party, wants to be cautious: “We no longer need to enter into strategic alliances but contracts on objectives to be achieved. Once you have managed to speak the same language with the same grammar, the question of leadership will then be secondary “.

“The debate on unity and the chances of the USFP driving the left is premature. We first have to agree on what we mean by the left. Times have changed since the days of ‘historical legitimacy’. Now we need a left that must be a spokesperson for modernity, democracy and individual freedoms. “
Mohamed Fares
The stake is therefore important for the USFP as for all of the Moroccan left. Endangered species or phoenix that will be reborn from the ashes? The answer will be known at the end of the next congress with the election of the leadership of the party.
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