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Declaration of the Moroccan Greens Party

The Political Bureau of the Moroccan Green Party held its regular meeting on September 15, 2019 at the new headquarters in Rabat. He discussed the latest developments at different levels, the tasks required by the scene and the challenges facing the party and its institutions. It records the following points:

First: persistent damage to the ecological balance, waste and plunder of natural resources, increased pollution, non-compliance with the decisions of the Earth Summit (COP 20 – COP 24), continued global warming and increased frequency of climate disasters and natural imbalances;

Secondly, the deterioration of the situation in general in North Africa, the Sahel and the Middle East, particularly those threatened by the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism and the attempt to use them to fuel separation tendencies and trafficking in human beings and serve the strategic interests of foreign interest groups.

Third: The prevalence of schizophrenia in the common coexistence of discourse on values, human rights and citizenship and between different types of violence, physical and moral, in fact or via social media,

Fourth: the government’s inability to guarantee the security and dignity of Moroccan citizens and citizens, its inability to deal with corrupt and active lobbies, the exploitation of religion in politics and the pursuit of rent policy.

Fifth: the persistence of a national sense of irresponsibility in some decision-making areas and in the management of certain important sectors and workshops, as well as reluctance to enforce regulatory laws and reform social sectors such as education, health, housing and employment, not to mention the carelessness of the environmental situation and the lack of responsibility, discredit and respect for the National Charter for Development and Development. Since the beginning of his term, some parties in the government coalition have been concerned about electoral tensions, particularly the majority party.

The Political Bureau considered that some of the approaches to address the situation and to breathe new life into the democratic and development process of our country, pending the crystallization of the new development model, include the following:
1. Accelerate the boldness of the Government’s democratic activation of the content of the new Constitution, in line with the participatory and pragmatic approach of the components of civil society and political and social actors, without prejudice or exclusion for any opinion whatsoever; Good listening demands of the other a permanent cohesion and a social and human solidarity,
2. Commitment to the content of the legal framework of the education and training system, revision of health policy, services of social institutions, pension funds, activation of advanced regionalization and acceleration of the pace of administrative priorities , in order to guarantee a national citizen solidarity contract in order to protect and ensure a secure and dignified future for the homeland, citizens and citizens.
3. Take all legislative, legal and procedural measures to ensure the safety of citizens, preserve their property, their freedoms, their individual rights and freedoms and their personal lives, revise the Constitution to ensure the civil character of the State and to remedy the shortcomings of article 47 on the choice of the presidency of the government;
4. Take all necessary steps to secure water, food and energy for the present and the future of the country and to protect our natural resources, land, sea and man from the greed of local lobbies and the regional, Mediterranean and international environment with the adoption of environmental crime laws.
5. Adoption of severe penalties for crimes of trafficking / rape of children and women, drug trafficking, looting of public funds for the responsibility, and non-compliance with the laws in force and following on the protection of the strategic reserve of water and energy in the country.

6. Tackling the imbalances demonstrated by the government experience, using the opportunity of government shuffle to spread responsibilities over partisan powers and not by distributing chairs and rents, and directly meeting the basic needs of society at the economic, social, cultural and environmental levels, in order to guarantee the possibility of success, and to avoid the dangers that threaten it; The establishment of the participative democracy we want is an open door to the dignity, safety and security of every citizen of our beloved Morocco.
The Political Bureau declares itself ready to interact positively with citizens on all plans and projects compatible with its ecological choice, and calls on all its members, institutions and structures to be vigilant, to mobilize and to create an intuition to face developments and challenges and prepare to implement party-level party program.

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